This was a challenge to make an 80’s condo into our dream home. Our hobbies of cooking and art were our main focus, but how to blend the space into a warm contemporary elegant space was the challenge we gave Nathan. He was certainly up to the task, and we were not living in town so his staff took care of every little detail of this total remodel.

– Homeowners, Towers Condo

An awesome experience from the first day of drawings to the finished product. Unique design while letting my home represent who I am. Nathan was always available, listened to my preferences while encouraging me to create a space that was special. Great team, it was like working with old friends.

– Homeowners, Arbour Drive

Sophisticated galley kitchen with patterned tile over stove by Obelisk Home

Stunningly successful. I can’t think of a better way to summarize the project. From design to implementation, Nathan’s conscientious attention to detail yielded the kitchen and bedroom of our dreams. He worked hard to identify what mattered to us, what we loved, what we were indifferent to. And from that, he extracted a vision we could not have pictured, and then helped us see it through to fruition.

I have been describing the results to friends as, “Nathan is turning on the lights in our home.” He is taking the dark corners that we walked past and ignored and transforming them into beautiful statements of who we are, places we now live in and enjoy every day.

– Homeowners, Catalpa

Modern glass house with sculpture and bocce ball court by Obelisk Home

Our new home was beautifully decorated by Nathan. We enjoyed working with him and his staff. Nathan has a great sense of style and color and proved it in our home. He deserves the highest recommendation!

– Homeowners, Glen Abbey II

Living room with stone fireplace and traditional accessories

Nathan Taylor is a consummate professional. We are a two professional household who built our dream home on our farm after decades of preparation and planning. Furnishing, appointing and decorating our space to match our dreams might have been a time consuming and daunting task for us, but Nathan made it fun and fulfilling. Nathan and the Obelisk team’s work is beautiful but functional, cosmopolitan but grounded in tradition, eclectic but cohesive. He created for us a home that is totally and uniquely “ours” honoring our likes, interests and heirlooms, yet possessing a style, look and utility we couldn’t have dreamed of. He has an uncanny ability to create magazine cover looks that still represent the uniqueness of the home owners in every room.

– Homeowners, 430 Road

Master bedroom reading nook by Obelisk Home

We have worked with Nathan and his team over the past year and a half as we completely renovated and added on to a 1950’s ranch home. Nathan has an impeccable eye for design, and he and his team provide top notch service. I have been particularly impressed with their ability to tailor their recommendations to us based upon our particular needs, wants, and personalities. I would recommend Nathan highly and without reservation.

– Homeowners, Pickwick

Master bathroom with unique tile pattern and stand alone bathtub

Nathan’s design choices were spot on. He really tries to discern who his client is, what they want and then applies his gifted design eye.

– Homeowners, Delaware

Dining room with round table with bold dining chair and original art by Jared Gillett, design by Obelisk Home

Tom is an accountant and I’m a nurse. We know what we like – if you show us something we can say we love it or we hate it. But designing a whole interior? That’s not our forte. Our home is in Madison, WI and I didn’t think that we could actually work with Nathan remotely. I would have thought that would be impossible, but it was actually very easy.

– Homeowners, Madison Lake

Dining room with contemporary style, a silver chandelier and emerald green artwork

Nathan and his team were amazing! They brought brilliant ideas for all facets of our house and furnishings while listening to our wants. I highly recommend them. I fully trust Nathans judgement and style.
-Homeowners, Red Ivy

Nathan is an artist with excellent taste, outstanding design, and attention to detail. He listens to your dream and then creates something that is beyond what you could imagine. He never stops constantly adding to your space and improving its story by adding details and personal touches that make it feel like home. His team is attentive and responsive. They respond with detail and make sure all your questions, concerns, and needs are met. I would highly recommend Nathan and his team to anyone that is looking for outstanding service and design.
-Homeowner, Delmar

Nathan Taylor and Obelisk Home are trusted advisors, just as much as our Attorney, Architect, Contractor and Banker. Nathan and his team consistently produce exceptional results and are “World Class” professionals. I consider them a valuable part of our overall development team, as they always add value to the project. At the end of the day, the project is superior because of their contribution and I highly recommend them.
 Commercial Developer, Chesterfield Lofts Lobby

Nathan and his design team did a beyond superb job in remodeling and designing and a new master bath, kitchen, mud room, and two guest baths. i’m certain that theres no one else that could’ve done a better job then him. i have full confidence in him and his ideas. He’s made my home into a place i’ve always dreamed of but never thought i’d have.
– Homeowners, Inverness

Foyer with winding staircase and original art by Karen Schneider, design by Obelisk Home

Obelisk Home’s Nathan Taylor was captain of the ship on our year-long journey to renovate our beloved home of 21 years. The house possessed a wonderful bone structure, but virtually every aspect of its life had become out-dated, leaky or dysfunctional. Nathan began by helping us to understand our living patterns; he didn’t try to make the house what he wanted, he helped us to make it what we wanted.

We knew Nathan and his team would be of help to us in the decorating phase of the job, but we had not realized how knowledge, imaginative and inventive he would be in the architectural designing and actual building phases. Being able to view multiple ideas in a 3D format was especially invaluable to us in the re-designing of our kitchen and pantry areas as well as the new addition of a master bathroom and bedroom. A major aspect of our project was to make everything on the main level handicap accessible. Now, if we find our needs changing as we age, we will be prepared to meet those challenges right here in our own home.

Nathan was very accessible throughout all phases of the project, many times when we had a critical decision to make, a quick phone call brought him right out to the job to help work through the problem-solving at hand. Once we were into the interior design segment of the project, Nathan again was organized and ready to move in the direction we wanted to go. Yes, he nudged us a few times from the beaten path into more imaginative choices, but those choices were still within the mode of what we were after in terms of feel and effect.

Nathan is a force of energy, he is always positive, pleasant and engaging. His sense of artistry is amazing. I particularly appreciate the fact that Nathan has developed a group of local artists and artisans who assist him in producing all manner of custom-made elements such as blown glass pendants, stone mantel pieces, decorative steel shelving, sculptural pieces, one-of-a-kind coffee tables, art work and more. Developing such relationships with artists takes time, talent, mutual respect and camaraderie. My husband particularly appreciated that the word custom-made is not necessarily synonymous with the word expensive.

Our old home, transformed into the 21st century, is just what we wanted, moreover it is just what we needed. We will without doubt remain here for the rest of our years. Nathan is equal to any challenge no matter how large or small, general or specific, conservative or eccentric. We are pleased to recommend him to anyone who is embarking on the journey toward a better, more enjoyable life, through means of improving their physical environment. We hope you enjoy the process as much as we did.
– Homeowners, Farm Road

Breakfast nook with bench seating and wood block table by Obelisk Home

I hired Nathan for the first time over a year ago. I was having some difficulty in finding tables for my entryway. It was my first time hiring a decorator, and truthfully, I didn’t know how it was going to work out. However, the entire experience, from the initial consultation, to the final delivery exceeded my expectations immensely! Not only did Nathan and his team listen to what my visions and preferences were, but they incorporated personal items that I already owned (an antique chandelier which belonged to my Grandmother) to turn our entryway into a truly personalized space. After working with Nathan on the entryway, then the living room, kitchen and master bedroom, I can truly say that he has been a blessing in our lives! He turned our house into a beautiful family home that reflects each person in our family, including our 3 year old daughter! We feel so lucky to have found Nathan!

Currently, Nathan is working on an addition to our house. His team not only is going to decorate the interior, but they also designed the addition itself! We just broke ground yesterday, and I could not be more excited to see the final product!
-Homeowners, Lookout Ridge

Modern sleek living room in a neutral color with pops of plum

Nathan and team have a great eye for improving and updating existing spaces. They work well listening to the needs and objectives and offering constructive feedback and recommendations. Great experience.
-Homeowners, Parklane

Contemporary house with brown leather chairs and gold alligator

If you are looking for a unique and creative experience with a creative designer and a talented support staff, then Obelisk Home is your destination. Nathan has a good grasp of the processes that are in play during the construction of a new custom home or remodel project. Nathan’s knowledge of this process is incredibly important if you expect to have a smile on your face at the end of the project. From pre construction to the final adjustment, Nathan and Obelisk Home will not disappoint.
Home Builder, Parade of Homes 2014

Cozy traditional family room with a pair of matching chairs and original art by Kat Allie

Nathan provides the most helpful & creative advice I could ask for. He’s the only designer I’ll ever use on future products & I’ve recommended him to multiple friends & family members & they have all been just as happy with him & his amazing work!
-Homeowners, Lone Pine

Modern farmhouse kitchen with open shelving, subway tile and red stools by Obelisk Home

We hired Nathan Taylor in Spring 2014 for a kitchen renovation in our 1940-built home. It was a major endeavor, as we wanted to take out a load-bearing wall, and wanted to use the front part of the house more which was closed off because of the traditional formal/informal division of space. We told him we wanted an eclectic space and look that was functional, practical, simple, with clean lines, warm and welcoming, with good quality materials, and that unified all our spaces. (We have a 1960’s era lodge-feel room addition that is totally amazing, but doesn’t go with the rest of the house) We wanted a new space that felt like it had history and looked like it could have always been here.

Nathan and his team nailed it. From the beginning design phase, we were impressed with his knowledge of design and of kitchen functionality. He thought of several things that we would have otherwise accidentally overlooked (and we have already been through a kitchen remodel in another home). We had one thing in mind, but the layout they came up with was brilliant and we quickly realized would be perfect. Nathan really had a vision from the beginning, and we did well to trust it during the process. He was the perfect amount of involved for our project–never more than we wanted him to be (because we wanted to be very involved in everything), but always available for help and input when we needed or wanted it, especially at critical times during the process (like deciding on type and amount of lighting). We had heard stories from friends who had used other interior designers in the past, and it seemed like their design fees were always more than they anticipated or had been told they would be. We did not feel this way about working with Nathan. In the end, we feel we paid a fair amount, and got a very good value for our investment, which is a really important thing.

Nathan was indispensable in the areas of layout and functionality, lighting, colors, overall aesthetic and knowledge of resources in our community and online. As someone who can be very indecisive when it comes to this kind of thing, having someone there for input whose ideas and knowledge I trusted was incredibly helpful. He had great ideas, and we were pleased with pretty much everything he recommended, probably in great part because he really listened to what we wanted in the beginning. He was also very good at identifying problems along the way and intervening to get them addressed, even when we didn’t necessarily realize there was an issue. A friend who recommended Nathan to us told me “he will do whatever your style is, but better than you could ever do it,” and we found this to be very true! And because he has such a history and network in our area, his connections, influence, and resources proved invaluable at different points in the process.

We have ended up with a kitchen that has so surpassed our highest expectations, both in functionality and aesthetics, that we still can’t really believe it is in our house! It has completely transformed the space and the way in which we use it. We now spend a great deal of time the front part of the house, and eat at the dining room table by the window more often than not, instead of using it only when company comes. The kitchen beautifully blends old and new and feels like it could have always been part of the house; from the floating shelves dating to the early 1900’s, to the mixture of light fixtures and hardware, to the moveable butcher block island to the beveled subway tile, it feels like an updated space with a history. Because of the layout, it works well for multiple people to be prepping and cooking at the same time, and a slew of people can be in and around the kitchen without feeling cramped at all. Plus it is just FUN!

It was a pleasure to work with Nathan and his team at Obelisk and we would definitely use him again!
-Homeowners, Kingsbury

City loft with open rafters and arching lamp by Obelisk Home

A dream of mine has always been to live in a loft downtown. Having just sold a 5 bedroom, 4800 square foot home and moving into a 2 bedroom, 1500 square foot loft would prove to be a challenge. My desire was to start new with furnishings and accessories. Knowing of Nathan’s highly regarded reputation in the market, I contracted for Nathan and his team to provide design services to help me accomplish my desired goal. Having many preconceived ideas and notions about what I wanted, I met with Nathan and his team to convey my ideas and intents.

Nathan was very accommodating to my ideas and goals. Being a “do-it-yourselfer”, I was reluctant to accept some of the ideas and suggestions presented to me by Nathan and his team. But due to their patience, expertise and level of professionalism I learned to accept these ideas and suggestions only to find out that my expectations were greatly exceeded by anything I could have imagined in the beginning. Today I reside in a beautifully decorated and designed modern loft that I could not have imagined when I set out on this project.

I thank Nathan and his team for their expertise and persistence in continuing to excel in this endeavor and exceed my expectations in every way. They turned a “difficult space” into one that is both functional and livable while maintaining a style that makes me want to “show it off.” I commend them on their visionary skills, eye for style and design, ability to accommodate my individual style, patience and persistence to continue until they “get it right.” I would recommend Nathan and his team for any project, both big and small and for any style.
-Homeowners, South Ave

Master bathroom with dark gray tile and white cabinets

Total master bath renovation taking early 90’s into modern day comfort, warmth and contemporary style on time and on budget. Close communication made modifications easy with fantastic results!
-Homeowners, East 11th

Family room with back to back sofas and original art, design by Obelisk Home

I just never thought about having someone else decorating my home. I wanted someone to feel about my home like I did and I didn’t think that was possible. Nathan had decorated an Open House that me and my husband Norm attended and we were intrigued. There, we talked to Nathan and he said he would take a look.

In the end we were very surprised! It still looked like our home, only more organized and tasteful. We had so many things that have been passed down to us from family I had no idea what to do with them. Nathan just said go away for the day and come back and see what we’ve done.
We came home and where in awe. So fantastic! I saw my family all over and sometimes I didn’t pick up on things that were done for a few days! He got into my head. The bedroom for my granddaughters was the best! Pictures, design on the wall, fabric. Again, he got into my head.I already have recommended him to friends. They see my home and how comfortable it is. That is because Nathan cherished my home too. Nathan has become my friend.
-Homeowners, Millwood

Master bedroom with geometric bench and suede headboard by Obelisk Home

Gets it right every time and is a blast to work with. I refer everyone I can to Nathan and Obelisk Home.
-Homeowners, Fairway

Entry and office in bold colors with mid-century modern architecture by Obelisk Home
Loren II
Modern minimal family room with fabric woven bench and leather accent chair by Obelisk Home

From beginning to end, we were very pleased with our project with Nathan Taylor. In the beginning he took the time to get to know us, learn how we lived in the house and what we had that we could not live without. From there, he came up with concepts and ideas’s that were right on for us. He has throughly updated our home that we have lived in for 25 years and made it such a pleasure to come home to. He was innovative and thoughtful in his approach and available whenever we wanted to get together. We highly recommend his services.
-Homeowners, Loren II and Rountree

I have worked with Nathan for the past several years on projects ranging from remodel to designing to move in set up. I have always found his work to be impeccable. He has always been professional.
We have always been very pleased with his work. We would definitely use his services again.
-Homeowners, Blossom Way

Beautiful master bathroom with neutral inviting colors by Obelisk Home

Obelisk Home created our dream Master Bath and Bedroom. My husband loves historic hotels, so when we thought about remodeling the feel and function we wanted was that of an elegant, romantic hotel from the early 20th century. Nathan Taylor and his team did a wonderful job of translating our dreams into a reality. He was able to redesign the layout of our existing bath to make it more functional. It now feels and looks larger than before. The Obelisk team utilized our existing cabinet base and repurposed the upper cabinet into a beautiful focal point in the room. From the heated tile floor and towel rack to the beautiful sconces and hardware, every detail was well thought out. The construction was well executed by Morgan Kline the project manager for Alltimate Home Improvements. Morgan was easy to work with and was in constant communication with the design team at Obelisk Home. We love our bedroom too, it is so warm and inviting. The custom made bedding and window treatments are beautiful. The tailoring is beautiful, which I really appreciate since I have always made my own draperies in the past. Nathan and his design team incorporated many of our personal items and pieces from my husband’s collection of hotel memorabilia.
-Homeowners, Shady Hill

Arts and crafts design by Obelisk Home with green tile fireplace and unique decor

I first came in contact with Nathan at a luncheon that Obelisk Home hosted, and I was immediately struck with how he had so much insight into how to make his clients home feel like “their” home. Not some cookie cutter like so many designers. Nathan has an excellent read on people and what would make them happy. They have made our home a “wow”.
-Homeowners, Timberwood

Contemporary kitchen with graphic tiles and custom blown glass pendants by Obelisk Home

Nathan Taylor of Obelisk Home in Springfield, Missouri is an amazing designer. We hired Obelisk Home to assist us with one aspect of an update for our music room and before we knew it, we had nearly an entire house remodel and update. Our home is a reflection of our style. It is comfortable, but beautiful, with an artsy edge. With such a wonderful experience with our Springfield home, we asked Nathan to do a remodel of our Breckenridge Colorado Home. Our home is a comfortable, 1900 square foot cabin that had limited seating space in the common area. Nathan commissioned furniture designer, J. Martin of Bridge Blue, to design furniture that captured the rustic features of Colorado mountain life, yet was highly functional. The rustic cabinet by the door has two racks for wet shoes and boots plus drawers for hats and gloves. J. and Nathan designed a copper top table that houses 4 leather ottomans tucked neatly away when not in use. Nathan also designed and commissioned Beetle Kill Blues, of Breckenridge, Colorado to make a stunning sleek buffet for the dining room. Hanging over the original wood farm table is a chandelier made of antlers with hints of blues and bronzes that Nathan commissioned for the space.

We are very blessed to work with a designer like Nathan Taylor

-Homeowners, Catalina

Warm and cozy family room with brown leather chesterfield couch and red ottoman and original art by T.D.Scott, design by Obelisk Home

Nathan Taylor and Obelisk Home, extremely talented and dedicated team focused on providing an outstanding end product.
-Homeowners, South Sterling

Teen boys room with masculine colors and a rustic sconce by Obelisk Home

The most surprising aspect of working with the Obelisk team is the personalized relationships that develop during the design process. Nathan and his team take the time to become knowledgeable about their client. This facilitates a completed project that “fits” the personality and lifestyle of those utilizing the space. This process results in friendships and working relationships that last.”
-Homeowners, Old Way

His and her bathroom sinks with capiz mirror and coral vanity chair by Obelisk Home

Nathan helped us with all aspects of the remodel of our master bath, closet and addition of a master laundry room from the initial layout design, to material and color selections, building details and accessorizing upon completion.

Nathan Taylor and the staff at Obelisk have been an absolute blessing for us. Reason being, well let me explain what they had to work with….my wife and I are pretty much complete opposites! I am pretty much 100% rustic at heart and my wife is 100% refined! So for a decorator to walk into a home full of contradictions, listen to our wants, read our personalities and come to the visual conclusions that he came up with and be able to walk away leaving us both with a smile on our faces and still have money in our savings account, well to me that is priceless. They are professional, attentive and most of all great at what they do. We would highly recommend.
-Homeowners, Glen Abbey

Unique home designed by Obelisk Home with pendant lights hanging from ceiling with rope

Nathan never fails to exceed our expectations! It was so important to us that our home have a unique design that was specific to us, and Nathan and his team accomplished just that.
After hiring Nathan to consult on a remodel of our old house we knew there was only one call we needed to make when we decided to build a new home. Nathan’s eye for design is second to none and we are more than impressed with our finished product.

From consulting with our architect and builder, to selecting interior and exterior materials, and selecting interior furnishings Nathan and his team went above and beyond to make our home one of a kind.
-Homeowners, Ladue

Traditional living room with red accents and original artwork by Jared Gillett, design by Obelisk Home

Nathan and J. allowed my wife and I to rediscover our home. Their professionalism, creativity and the quality of all phases of the decorating process were exceptional. As a banker, I am somewhat frugal but I never thought that spending money could be so much fun. Susan and I would highly recommend Obelisk to anyone considering their home or office.
-Homeowners, Knollwood

Living room with a traditional spin and original art over fireplace by Obelisk Home

Obelisk Home, and in particular, Nathan Taylor Interior designer is extremely and uniquely talented in the area of Interior Design and Decor’. When Nathan did our home he was under a tremendous time crunch and took one brief look around, left to study on it, and within a couple of days had three rooms of fabrics, furniture, and accessories ready for me to look at for approval. The entire project was finished in less than six weeks and it is fabulous. We get compliments every time someone walks through the door. Nathan will definitely be invited back for our next design project. Thank you Obelisk Home …. And thank you Nathan Taylor.

-Homeowners, Lawerence