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Designer: Nathan Taylor


Our clients asked us to accommodate as many people as possible in a space that remains comfortable, functional, and appealing for all ages. We were challenged to maximize an extremely open layout, while defining living areas and creating flow throughout.

In the main living area, we incorporated dining for 10, casual seating for 10, and 5 seats at the bar that work together while still defining separate spaces. We used heavy duty fabrics and leathers for durability and neutral colors throughout to blend all elements. The dining light fixture was re-purposed from a hotel in Canada, and the table re-finished to feel worn. These elements contribute to the relaxed atmosphere, but maintain the potential to be “dressed up.”

They asked that the single powder bath on the main floor be casual enough for the daily use of the young family and still elegant enough for visiting guests. The dramatic graphic wallpaper is playful yet formal and is the perfect backdrop for the contemporary art that is consistent throughout the home. The bold yet neutral wallpaper also allows the home owner to change the feel of the small space by adding different pops of color as the seasons change. Elegant sconces flank the unusual locally designed nickel mirror above the vanity.

In the master suite our goal was to create a casual, yet refined spa-like feeling,  and in the den, a functional space where a busy family of 6 can snuggle up together to read or watch movies.

The outdoor living space was also a priority for this family, so we created an inviting outdoor atmosphere with multi-functional and durable outdoor seating options to maximize the space and make the outdoor living area as welcoming as the indoor space.

Throughout the home, we brought personality into each room by incorporating large scale artwork and statement wall decor. In a home built around functionality and a neutral palette, these bold statements really complete the overall vision for the home.

Nathan and his team were amazing! They brought brilliant ideas for all facets of our house and furnishings while listening to our wants.

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