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World of Peace
Nugold, copper, nickel silver

Marfo Glover_World of Peace

My Work reengage the traditional Weaving techniques of the Ghanaian citizen in consonance with American Macramé. The Mat was weaved in strips and Assembled together using Over400 roles of metals( Copper, Nugold and Nickle Silver) . The process expresses a laborious task of achieving a utopian World, but shows a possibility. It is Possible. 

Bread Winner
Nugold, copper, nickel silver, patina

Marfo Glover_Bread Winner

This work explores the Burden of the bread winner in Ghana. The bread winner is often burdened with the problems of others without recourse to their emotional needs. The work highlight the need to ease pressure mounted on them especially “first born’ ” of most African home since it put them under undue pressure to cater for orders. 

Fardeau de feminine (Burden of Femininity)
Nugold, copper, nickel silver, patina

Marfo Glover_Fardeau de feminine_Burden of Feminity

Growing up in patriarchal society, I have always inquired how I can shed light on ill treatment against women in our communities irrespective of their contribution to the nuclear family. The work equally combines Ghanaian traditional symbol which reiterate the overarching theme to appreciate the contribution of Women in Ghanaian homes. 

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