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Porcelain Touchscape: Forest Floor
Porcelain, wood, steel

Fitzpatrick Lillian_Porcelain touchscape forest floor

Many things that we may encounter in nature posses forms and surfaces with tactile appeal—like the supple humid skin of fungi sprouting from forest debris—yet they are too fragile or possibly even dangerous to touch. Hand modeled, burnished porcelain elements visually imitate delicate fungi and respond to touch with movement and sound.

Intangible Touch
Porcelain and silicone

Fitzpatrick Lillian_Intangible Touch

The word “touch” can be used to describe emotional contact and the way humans influence and connect with one another. Translucent silicone appendages emerge from a hand built porcelain vessel, representing unseen touch that occurs between minds.

Phases of Touch
Porcelain, fine silver, sterling silver
3x3x3 / 3x6x6

Fitzpatrick Lillian_Phases of Touch

The word “touch” can be used to describe emotional or intellectual contact and influence from one human to another. Isolated…reaching out…touching. Hand built porcelain forms combine with silver to illustrate these phases of interpersonal connection.

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