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Mixed media: fabric remnants/muslin, thread, and mulberry paper

Herrman Heidi_Lifted_Edited

The fabric remnants for this piece where leftover from cutting out several of my dress designs. If you look closely you can see the shape of an armhole.

I like the idea of repurposing and love the shapes that are left over in the dress and apparel making process. I am also very fond of hand stitching as mark making and surface interest. 

Acrylic, mulberry paper, and thread

I have always been drawn to neutrals and the simplicity and boldness of black and white in my art practice. There is something very finite when using a limited color palette. The stitched paper overlay on this piece represents both my vulnerability and fragility as a creative. 

Silk and hemp canvas

Through a series of encounters and revelations I have found that stitching is such an integral part of who I am as an artist.  The piece represents the cycle of life (specifically maternal) and the realization that the skills I have already honed in experience as a fashion designer and sewist are those which are already speaking through my art.

Hemp canvas, screen, and Sinamay with sewing thread

Herrman Heidi_Harbour

This piece involves repetition of processes and shapes that I find to be comforting. The sticking structure alludes to the function of a basting or whip stitch holding the pieces in pale but transcends itself by becoming an abstract decorative stitch. I find hand stitching and the repetition of the stitching process to be cathartic and meditative.

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