Project Description



Living Room

The client asked us to transform the cavernous formal living room into a more livable space for family gatherings while still echoing the elegance of the home.

We started by adding the fireplace surround to the existing cast stone elements to create a grand focal point for the space and as an anchor to the 25 foot tall ceiling. Since the room has multiple doorways leading out, we were challenged with arranging furniture that kept the space intimate yet still allowed for traffic flow throughout. The scale of the furniture selections was also critical as to not be dwarfed by the room itself.

A one hundred inch sofa placed in front of a wall of windows allows the family to enjoy the fireplace as well as the television that is concealed in the large linen cabinet opposite the fireplace. Oversized wing chairs in gorgeous paisley velvet flank the fireplace and the addition of ottomans and swivel chairs give plenty of seating for the family and guests to comfortably gather.

Whether watching TV, reading a book by the fire or listening to one of the children play the piano, this grand room now feels much more intimate and cozy.


Laundry Room

Help, we need a laundry room, a place to fold, a place to store, and a place to drink wine while doing the laundry!!!

When the project began, the door to the garage was located where the built in ironing board is now located.  Relocating this door gave us the opportunity to create a defined space. An existing side entry porch was incorporated into the home to allow a separate room to be created.

Long hanging was a must, full size stacking washer and dryer, rolling carts for laundry sorting, and enough space to move around and not trip were also needed.

The love of vibrant red was the driving force for granite selections, wall color, and wood stain for the new multi-use space that incorporates wine, and storage of all kinds that were homeless prior to this renovation.

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