Portfolio Description

Tom Beale

I am to my amazement a painter, a poet, a philosopher, and a songwriter who loves truth and beauty and singing and dancing. I say to my amazement, because my whole life has been a big surprise to me. I always thought of myself as what people told me that I was: an “old soul”; a guy who never quite fit in—a guy walking around with a lot of questions until later in life I discovered poetry, painting, and songwriting. Why I didn’t even know what a “free spirit” was, let alone that I was one, and that I was a philosopher to boot: part thinker and part “fool”. It’s my job to think both sober and foolish, silly thoughts. Turns out that a guy walking around asking a lot of questions is a philosopher. I wish somebody tipped me off to that a little earlier. Thankfully, in the meantime, I discovered these art forms to keep me grounded and not flying off into space while dancing like an Indian song and dance man on the beach in California. Hopefully some of my “sand dancing spirit” and “beach music” come through in my paintings like they do in my songs. My paintings bring me color and spirit and joy, and hopefully they bring that same light and life to you!   – Tom Beale

artist portrait of Tom Beale




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