Project Description

Stephanie Cramer

“I see the painter as analogous to an actor/director bringing the viewer along to new places, memories, dreams, and family histories. I like to give the viewer space to interpret what they see on the canvas. Center stage in my art is the figure—an object in motion, as if the figure is caught, just for an instant; a glimpse, a snapshot before the gesture is complete. I’m not in search of exact representation. I’m intent rather on provoking a sense of tension or intensity. These, plus color, bring the emotion to the painting. Whether spatial or expressionistic, the implied relationship between figures is intended to arouse curiosity. Painting is like a freeze frame. It helps both the viewer and the painter to pause—if just for a second as we enter into that two dimensional space. Most of the time the stage is imaginary or based on dreams and memories. Like Alice, the viewer is invited to step into the drama or the wonderland inside the looking glass.”

— Stephanie Cramer

Blue of the night meets the gold of the day, Stephanie Cramer

Blue of the Night, Meets the Gold of the Day
October 2018

Let The Color Take You
March 2017

Deep Down Under, Stephanie Cramer

Wonders At Dusk II
March 2016

Wonders At Dusk I
March 2015

Taking Flight

It Begins With Color

Other Works