Portfolio Description

Meganne Rosen

Art has been my major passion and pursuit throughout my adult life. After graduating with a Master’s of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, I returned to Springfield in the fall of 2018. I currently teach art and art history classes at OTC and MSU.

In general, observation and curiosity drive my studio practice. I explore entropy, artifice, consumerism, and my place in the lineage of abstraction in contemporary and modern painting and its relationship with installation art. I create large-scale abstract paintings in oil and acrylic on clear acetate and traditional canvas.

-Meganne Rosen

Meganne Rosen, Gallery Artist, Obelisk Home, OH Gallery
Sidereal Time by Meganne Rosen, Ephemeris, Obelisk Home Gallery

April 2021

Meganne Rosen, Portfolio Cover, Obelisk Home, OH Gallery

March 2020



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