Project Description

Meganne Rosen

Observation and curiosity drive my studio practice. Through the investigation of and experimentation with different kinds of materials, I express discontent with the current political climate as well as reflect on my experiences growing up in the American Midwest. My work explores entropy, artifice, consumerism, and my place in the lineage of abstraction in contemporary and modern painting and its relationship with installation art.

Using found matter, fiber works, oil and acrylic painting, remnant fabrics, and photography (found, and my own), I examine the relationship of each component’s basic materiality and commercial object-hood. Exploiting the mark making and sculptural potential of these entities is central to my practice.

I compose mixed media pieces which are layered in visual dialogues. Some of the works reference the body in scale and are almost costume-like. The work evokes an intimate recollection of garments worn, skins shed, and packaging discarded. Each assemblage or installation is a partnership between the materials I work with and the sociopolitical, cultural context of our times.

Meganne Rosen, Gallery Artist, Obelisk Home, OH Gallery
Meganne Rosen, Portfolio Cover, Obelisk Home, OH Gallery

March 2020


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