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J. Kent Martin

Born in western Oklahoma in 1967, J. Kent Martin has spent his entire working life in various aspects of the home furnishings industry. Since 2000, he has lived and worked in Springfield, Missouri as a product designer and importer of furniture, lighting and decorative accessories for many of the largest and most prominent home furnishings retailers and wholesalers in the United States.

J.’s lifelong love of art, architecture and design certainly informs his graphic Abstract Expressionist paintings as does his extensive travel.  However, his passions for equality and social justice are the real inspiration for his ever-evolving body of work.  His application of various mediums and techniques and how they react to each other is reflective of the beauty yet unpredictability of life.

J. Kent Martin Portfolio Cover, Obelisk Home, OH Gallery


Road to Marfa by J. Kent Martin, Predictable 2018, Obelisk Home, OH Gallery


other works, j Kent Martin


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