Project Description

J. Kent Martin

“I enjoy working with various mediums and techniques, exploring how they react to each other and the conditions of the particular day.  There is an unpredictability and element of surprise that I believe parallels life in general.

How we view life, how we see both ourselves and others changes as we grow as people. Our perspectives and attitudes are influenced and adjusted. Like life, the image I create, the meaning and what the piece represents is realized through the process.

My work as a home furnishings designer is very different. With furniture, I have a very clear vision of what the finished product should be and I am disappointed if the final product does not meet that expectation. With my art, I can explore more freely, with out the confines of a specific end goal.”    —J. Kent Martin

J. Kent Martin Portfolio Cover, Obelisk Home, OH Gallery


Road to Marfa by J. Kent Martin, Predictable 2018, Obelisk Home, OH Gallery


other works, j Kent Martin


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