Portfolio Description


Designer: Nathan Taylor


We were challenged to create an eclectic space and look that was functional, practical, simple, with clean lines, warm and welcoming, with good quality materials, and that unified all the spaces.

A kitchen renovation on a 1940’s built home. It was a major endeavor, removing a load-bearing wall, removing the “pantry”, and finding ways to use the front part of the house more, which was closed off because of the traditional formal/informal division of space. With a 1960’s era lodge-feeling room addition that is totally amazing, but doesn’t go with the rest of the house, the homeowner desired a new space that felt like it had history and looked like it could have always been here.

As the design team created, worked, re-worked the plan, everything came together perfectly. Here is a quote from the client upon completion.”The kitchen beautifully blends old and new and legit online casinos canada feels like it could have always been part of the house; from the floating shelves dating to the early 1900’s, to the mixture of light fixtures and hardware, to the moveable butcher block island to the beveled subway tile, it feels like an updated space with a history. Because of the layout, it works well for multiple people to be prepping and cooking at the same time, and a slew of people can be in and around the kitchen without feeling cramped at all. Plus it is just FUN!”

Nathan was indispensable in the areas of layout and functionality, lighting, colors, overall aesthetic, and knowledge of resources in our community and online. As someone who can be very indecisive when it comes to this kind of thing, having someone there for input whose ideas and knowledge are trusted was helpful. A friend who recommended Nathan to us told me ‘he will do whatever your style is, but better than you could ever do it,’ and we found this to be extremely true!


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