Jessie Schwartz

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Jessie Schwartz

Jessie Schwartz, born in 1961 has always had a talent for art. Primarily self taught; Jessie did attend Phoenix Community College in the mid 80’s studying visual communication. Working as an illustrator and freelance graphic artist, Jessie turned his talents to designing and manufacturing his own line of plush animals and eventually publishing a newspaper. By the 1990’s, Jessie became the Marketing Director of a chain of Clothing stores in Phoenix AZ.

Jessie moved to Springfield in 2000 and continued working as a marketing director for a non-profit organization until being recruited by the local Warner Brothers TV station to write and direct Commercials, winning a nation Telly, and two Addy’s. Jessie went back into military service in 2006, retiring from the Army in 2014. Jessie focused all his time and energy into his art and opened Studio13artwork. Having had multiple one man shows and winning several awards for his work, Jessie continues to fine tune his craft.  Jessie was inducted into the USVAA (United States Veteran Artist Alliance) this year.

Chromatic Pop

Chromatic Pop II