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Designer: Nathan Taylor



Obelisk Home was given direction by the client in their kitchen to keep the cabinets, keep the wood on the ceiling, keep everything where it is, but make it look pretty and new.  We started out by custom finishing the pine cabinets, added new hardware, layered the surfaces with new granite and backsplash.  This gave the kitchen a cottage look that was fresh and new.  The cookbook rack was removed to make way for the microwave so that it was off the counter, a small island was modified to create function and space for additional seating.  Rough huwn, cedar ceilings were painted and glazed to remove a heavy and dark cloud.


We were then asked to create a bathroom that increased the function and updated the space for traditional client. Gutting the bathroom and adding split his and her vanities, toilet and walk-through shower provided an opportunity for a dramatic change. Creating a focal point and a place for the eyes to rest was the basis for the new layout. All new cabinets, flooring, tub, shower, fixtures and repositioned walls all added to an open and highly functioning bathroom. To combine the wife’s femininity and the husband’s love of the outdoors, casts of animal heads were used as décor and function serving as a jewelry holder for the wife.

Nathan and his team were amazing! They brought brilliant ideas for all facets of our house and furnishings while listening to our wants. I highly recommend them. I fully trust Nathans judgement and style.

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