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Designer: Nathan Taylor


Obelisk Home was asked to bring every aspect of our clients’ home into the 21st century.

The house possessed a wonderful structure, but virtually every aspect of its life had become out dated, leaky or dysfunctional. For this home we really needed to understand the homeowners living patterns and make the home not only what they wanted but what they needed. As entertaining is one major component of this Philanthropic family, a “working” kitchen was created in place of an old laundry/pantry. Opening up walls, making doorways into cased openings, additional LED lighting added everywhere, all added to the longevity of this home.

A major aspect of the project was to make everything on the main level handicap accessible, yet maintain the original architectural integrity of the home. As the homeowners aged, they wanted to be prepared to meet those challenges in their own home. A new master wing was added, laundry put in the master bath, sloping floors, zero entry shower, and tons of lights all made the renovation a reality. The old master suite was turned into the homes library/office. This idea came about as space for future grandparents to retreat to their own space a must.

One of the homeowners is an artist so we really needed to incorporate a sense of artistry in the home. Our team assembled a group of local artists and artisans who assisted us in producing many custom-made elements such as blown glass pendants, a stone mantel piece carved from a solid piece, decorative stainless steel shelving, sculptural pieces, one-of-a-kind coffee tables, art work and more.

Our old home, transformed into the 21st century, is just what we wanted, moreover it is just what we needed. We will without doubt remain here for the rest of our years. Nathan is equal to any challenge no matter how large or small, general or specific, conservative or eccentric. We are pleased to recommend him to anyone who is embarking on the journey toward a better, more enjoyable life, through means of improving their physical environment. We hope you enjoy the process as much as we did.

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