East 11th

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EAST 11th

Designer: Nathan Taylor


Our direction was to take original bathroom from old and dated to modern and functional with a new shower, tub and double vanity.

The relocation of plumbing was minimal and we were able to add storage with the glass panel taken from an existing door, cut down to fit. New features include an air tub, concealed storage, heated floors, towel bar and lots of light to ensure that aging in the home will be comfortable in years to come.
Riff Sawn Oak, pickled with white was a want from the client.  Original art was a must and set the tone for the creation of this mission inspired space.

Total master bath renovation taking early 90’s into modern day comfort, warmth, and contemporary style on time and on budget. Close communication made modifications easy with fantastic results.

HomeownerEast 11th House

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