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With over two decades of experience as an interior designer, Principal Designer, Nathan Taylor oversees both residential and commercial projects from initial construction plans to every minute detail of the interior. Furthermore, Nathan believes that any space, whether traditional or contemporary, can be warm and personal by adding collected or family pieces into the design plan. Whether designing a home or a business, he understands a client’s needs and wants in order to create a beautiful yet functional space.

Whether designing a home or a business, he understands a client’s needs and wants in order to create a beautiful yet functional space. With over 20 years dedicated to the craft of “living well”, Nathan makes interior design and home planning look easy, or at the very least—fun. Perhaps it is because he is natural at combining refreshing informality, timeless good taste, and innovative thinking?

project by interior designer Nathan Taylor - attic

Supportive and Creative Spirit

Nathan’s generous, supportive, and creative spirit has benefited hundreds of discriminating clients around the country, now realizing their dream home. Moving with good-natured ease and confidence, Nathan solves design puzzles all day, every day, composing everything from edgy to elegant interiors from a litany of considerations.

  •  What is it that clients ultimately want from a residence?
  •  The space we are creating, what do they need from it?
  •  Do they already own or cherish elements within their home?
  •  Most importantly, what can Nathan and his team create for their clients that they haven’t even begun to imagine?
project by interior designer Nathan Taylor - living room

Forward Thinking

Nathan Taylor is a dichotomy. A forward-thinking, spirited, interior designer with throw-back charm and authenticity not often found in busy, successful business owners today. He orchestrates the Obelisk Home creative process with high energy, invaluable experience, integrity, and a pragmatic but sophisticated interior design sensibility. Yet, at every important juncture, he remains fully invested in the success of each project, resulting in exciting, meaningful, beautifully lasting interiors, a great deal of repeat business, and long-standing friendships.

We invite you to learn more about Nathan’s skill and savvy design process here at Obelisk Home where we continually share the team’s favorite design finds, style traditions, shopping secrets, inspirations, and more.

project by interior designer Nathan Taylor - wine room

Quality, Methodology, and Planning

The Obelisk Home design team doesn’t just improve the look of a space, they also improve the function of it. Our team frequently works closely with architects, general contractors, and sub-contractors to help to achieve exactly what the customer needs, which includes organizing the rooms, picking flooring and the wall colors, and finding furniture to complement it all. The Obelisk Home design team also follows a specific and systematic methodology that includes research, analysis, technicality, and creativity. Additionally, having knowledge of and applying the principles of environmental sustainability has become more and more essential in this line of work.

Obelisk Home provides professional design services from initial concept planning and budgeting to executing all phases of construction and interior design. Whether a personally tailored residence or an inspired commercial space, the common thread through our work is our artful approach and our sensitivity to the tenets of the unique design. With over 20 years of design expertise, Principal Designer Nathan Taylor and his team are with you every step of the way.

The interior design offices of Nathan Taylor are located at 214 West Phelps St. Springfield, Missouri, 65806

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