Kat Allie, terra: Memory Bits



Insatiable visual hoarding has led me to a tactile realization that moments in nature need to be spent more mindfully:  instantaneous yet full of sensory meditation.  Bits of beauty rich with colors, textures, and sounds of nature flood my imagination when remembering a moment spent in Earth’s ever-changing environment.  Traveling to new places or stepping outside into the familiarity of my own backyard, I’m always inspired by nature.  Our landscape, its bits and pieces transform yet stay ever ready in our minds and at our digital fingertips, like a personal binary code for our human experiences.  “terra:  Memory Bits”, is a series of paintings found through traversing thousands of frozen moments that have been digitally saved, hoarded, and quickly stockpiled away but longing for another breath of organic life that accompanies one more fresh, new look.

These paintings are inspired from digital photographs taken of nature and then re-imagined through organic tactile colors, textures, lines, and smells.  Each composition hides a faint hint of the painting’s title in binary code becoming a relevant pattern or motif of numbers, much like our visually literacy and understanding of how we weave beauty and facts into our daily lives which are married by nature and technology.

Auspicious Koi

Auspicious Koi • Mixed media on canvas, 36×36, $2000

Harmonious Koi

Harmonious Koi • Mixed media on canvas, 36×48, $2600

Hawaiian Orchids

Hawaiian Orchids • Mixed media on canvas, 36×48, $2600

Longevity Wish II

Longevity Wish II • Encaustic on canvas, 36×48, $3000

Longevity Wish Whispers

Longevity Wish Whispers • Mixed media on wood, 24×80, $3300


Longevity Wish Whispers II • Encaustic on wood, 12×24, $500

Padre Island Seagull SOLD

Padre Island Seagull • Encaustic on canvas, 48×60, SOLD

Atlantis Waterlillies

Atlantis Waterlilies• Encaustic on canvas, 48×60, $4900

Autumn Sojourn

Autumn Sojourn • Mixed media on canvas, 48×48, $4000

Port Manfield Sunrise

Port Mansfield Sunrise • Mixed media on canvas, 48×60, $4900

Perfect Love

Perfect Love • Encaustic on canvas, 15×30, $800

Monarch Poise

Monarch Poise • Encaustic on canvas, 48×48, $4000

Anthropologie Flora

Anthropologie Flora • Mixed media on canvas, 36×24, $1400

Anthropologie Hummingbird

Anthropologie Hummingbird • Mixed media on canvas, 18×24, $800

Cyan Butterfly, Kat Allie

Cyan Butterfly • Mixed media on canvas, 10×8, $150


Transcendence • Mixed media on wood, 30×60, $3100