Janelle Patterson x Avery Parrish, Collaboration


“Cerulean Connection”

Janelle Patterson  x  Avery Parrish

Price: $800
Media: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 24″ x 36″
Project Statement:  Cerulean Connection is the product of a great deal of evolution and an exercise in creative thinking. While we began with a plan in mind, it followed suit with this year’s trials and became something very different in the end. Ultimately we began with a photo taken by Avery Parrish and passed the painting back and forth working independently of one another. Each exchange brought a visual surprise to the receiving artist and the opportunity to work and rework with the elements present.
Our finished piece gives the viewer an opportunity to experience the painting in different ways based upon their physical distance from the image. Much like a memory, when this painting is perceived at a distance it seems softer and less distinct. Upon closer observation, certain areas become sharply in focus while others still fade into the whole image and the details are lost to time.

Personal work: 
Janelle Patterson | janellepattersonart.com | Facebook | Instagram

Original art by Janelle Patterson

Avery Parrish | Instagram | Facebook

Original art by Avery Parrish
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