Jane Troup, Scenes From My Life



Growing up I always went for the woods. There is something about being away from the city and cars that helps quiet my mind and allows me to delve deeply into my inner world.
Painting has been the means by which I reveal how I think and understand life. My style has naturally developed over a lifetime.
I paint familiar landscapes but the work is not so much a representation of Nature as an illustration for the story I tell.
I look to Nature for truth.
As an artist I strive to create a thought-provoking physical object that records the musings of my individual mind.
So, I set the scene, design the set, add the characters and call, “action”. You might think of the painting as a visual poem or a page from a story.
The mystery always remains.

Jane Troup

Circle Trees

Circle Trees • Giclee canvas print, 22×25, $600

Clouds and Hills

Clouds and Hills • Oil on canvas, 30×40, $4500

Deer at Pond

Deer at Pond • Oil on canvas, 36×48, $6000

Evening Moon and Mist

Evening Moon and Mist • Acrylic on canvas, 46×72, $8500

Falling Field

Falling Field • Oil on canvas, 30×40, $4500

Field in Morning

Field in Morning • Oil on canvas, 36×48, $5000

Landscape with Red Tree and Woodpecker

Landscape with Red Tree and Woodpecker • Acrylic on gray brown fabric, 48×40, $5500


Lullaby • Acrylic on canvas, 36×48, $5600


Portrait of Dog • Oil on canvas, 16×16, SOLD


Six • Acrylic on dark charcoal fabric, 42×38, $4500

The Ballerina

The Ballerina • Giclee paper print, artist proof#1, 20×20 (image), 24×24 (paper), $600

The Fox

The Fox • Giclee canvas print, 14×27, $600

The Observed and the Observer

The Observed and the Observer • Giclee paper print – edition 11/100, 21×27 (image), 18×24 (paper), $600

Trees and Log

Trees and Log • Oil on canvas, 24×20, $2200

Walnut Field with Deer

Walnut Field with Deer • Acrylic on periwinkle blue cotton, 42×48, $6000


Woodpecker • Oil on canvas, 16×20, $2000