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Downtown Cool

Downtown isn’t just a place, it’s a state of mind. It’s a style all its own – combining refined touches with urban flare makes this style as bold as it is beautiful. We’ve curated a selection of our favorite items available in our online shop that represent the downtown style that we love so much. Check them out! 1. Scully Culpture 2. Metro Table Lamp 3. Geo Sculptures 4. Marlon Brando Print 5. Samson Mirror  6. Carter Table      


Top 7 Houseplants for Removing Indoor Air Pollutants

We could all use a breath of fresh air…especially when studies show that indoor air is often more polluted than outside…go figure. We don’t often realize the amount of pollutants we bring into our home with every day items, but bringing a little green inside can help combat the problem. In the late 80’s, NASA studied the affect houseplants would have on purifying the air in the space station. They found several plants that filter out common volatile organic compounds (VOCs). [...]

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