Brad Noble x Francois Lariviere , Natural Order


Brad Noble
Francois Lariviere

Without going into too much detail, Springfield natives Brad Noble and François Larivière share a decade old friendship and working relationship rooted in their appreciation for art and a strong passion for painting. A bond going back to 2005, Brad and Fran have put their efforts together using a combination of classical pop and figurative realism/surrealism on murals, paintings, and sculptures. Their collaborative efforts and experimentation have also resulted in the creation of an experiential art company AOE- Art of Everyone. (laser guided painting) that has gone on stage for Google, NBC, Lalapalooza and Microsoft to name a few. While the two artists have their own career paths, they are always looking for ways and opportunities to work together. Throughout the years the two have kept a revolving door to their studios; a good balance of crits, grit and OCD made this little show.


Brad is a distinguished fine artist native to Springfield. He has a BFA from the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, and to name a couple of accomplishments, his work has been acquired by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and one of his works is in the personal collection of Tom Waits. As for one of his most recent endeavors, he is the creator and artistic director for Art of Everyone, a laser-guided painting experience collaborating with the public. He hosts these events regularly in New York City, Austin, and Springfield, and he has even led the judges of the Voice in creating a work of art. On top of this, he is consistently painting in his studio producing his personal work experimenting with color and form, animals and icons, and classical surrealism.


Francois Lariviere a.k.a. ‘Frenchy’ is a commercial based freelance artist and painter from the Ozarks of Missouri. Since the young age of 3, his passion for drawing, painting, and doodling began, and would continue throughout his youth.  In 2005, he received an art and design scholarship to Southwest Missouri State University . In 2010, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies, with a minor in Drawing from Missouri State University. For the past 12 years, he has primarily worked freelance while also selling and showing his artwork around the country.  Common work includes commissioned paintings and portraits, prints, illustrations, large scale Murals, stickers, clothing, and live art. His specialties include charcoals, oil pastels, acrylics and oil paints. His style of work ranges between Contemporary Street Art & Traditional Fine Art, while his influences come from his faith, family, and an extremely long list of painters, musicians, athletes and pop cultural icons.

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