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(art by: Susie Sharpe, Stephanie Cramer, Betty Parnell, Rosie Winstead, Tom Beale, Lil Olive, Jared Gillett)

March Blog – What is Original Art?

In this blog, we will discuss the differences between mass-produced and original art.

Whether you are a new home-owner or redecorating your current space, original art is one of the best ways to add new life to your walls. Original fine art is one-of-a-kind, unlike large quantity mass-produced prints. Below are three points explaining what original fine art is. 

1. Rare

Just like a fingerprint, original fine art is unique and has no copy, making it personal and valuable. Having the opportunity to own such a treasurable version of artwork will cost more, but is well worth it. If an immense amount of people own the exact artwork it no longer holds the same value, this describes mass-production art. Between mass-produced and original fine art, is a limited edition. A limited edition is a controlled print quantity usually between 1-300 copies and the lower the edition quantity, the more valuable the artwork.

2. Laborious

Artists spend hours, days, months, or years creating a finished work of art, this is a time-consuming process. When you purchase an original piece of art, you possess an intimate endeavor. To calculate the worth of this labor, along with earning what is fair, the artist must charge a higher price. Mass-produced and limited editions cost less because of the loss of intimacy and quality in the printing process. Original hand-crafted artwork holds quality authentic to the project.

3. Quality

Although printing quality can vary within itself, some canvas and paper choices will show deeper elements of the art, the original work of art has organic nature. Original fine art is a direct link to the artist, showing their hand-crafted effort. Printed reproductions are only a copy of the artwork. The quality of original fine art is undeniable and significantly higher value.

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(art by: Christie Snelson)