Art Walk


Negative Spaces

The Art of Betty Parnell

Betty Parnell is back in our gallery space with her abstract and ethereal paintings. Obelisk Home is excited to host Negative Spaces. The art show opens at 6PM, during First Friday Art Walk.

We will have wine and small bites
for guests on opening night!

Show Preview

Words from The Artist

“So, when can negative be positive? In my paintings. Since I primarily seek to exploit color in vivid and unusual ways in my art, it took me a long time to realize that negative spaces can energize my color palette.

What are negative spaces? Those areas between and around objects. Negative space can be background. It can define objects and bring balance. But it can also become the object itself, shoved to the forefront by complementary surrounding colors.

White can create a negative space that gives structure and substance to a canvas. Other colors used in secondary roles can do the same. Negative space can be used to elevate starring roles in a story, which is in fact what an abstract offering projects.

In much of my work for this show, I have used the color white more liberally than previously. I have been pleased to learn a new way of telling my stories.”

Betty Parnell

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