Art Walk


Lost Reference

Art by Christie Snelson

Obelisk Home is thrilled to be hosting the art work of our resident Gallery Manager, Christie Snelson.

The art show will open at 6PM, during First Friday Art Walk.

We will have wine and small bites
for guests on opening night!

Show Preview

Words from The Artist

“In this collection I continue my journey over the last five years to break myself from having to use a strict reference to create my paintings. It’s a range of works that explore the balance between using partial references and the lack thereof. With a handful of pieces, I manipulate borrowed photographs by reforming them, simplifying, and using them as loosely as I can. On the other end of the spectrum, this collection also includes a dozen of intuitive abstracts as a result of completely abandoning my reference and excluding it from my process completely. A new introduction to my portfolio, abstracts are the crowning challenge to let go of the plan and just paint.”

– Christie Snelson

What to Expect

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