Project Description



Living Room
An antique pine mantle, passed down from a previous generation was a requirement to keep and incorporate into a fresh, modern look. Heavy toile window treatments removed, dark heavy furniture, and accessories were cleared to create a clean slate. New paint in a warm gray and antique brick floors lacquered in high gloss white, were the pivotal changes to create neutrality. A new rug, sofa, chair, accent tables and a buffet all layered together allowing space for collected books and accessories. These all surround the antique fireplace with a found piece of art from France that was framed in a modern way.

Hearth Room
With a desire to keep the antique fireplace surround, the challenge was given to create a neutral, yet bright living environment. Removing heavy window treatments, painting the walls a warm gray, and staining the old oak floors black walnut, this created a neutral foundation for a dramatic change. Taupes, grays, browns and blacks were used on upholstery with clean lines yet still invoking a sense of tradition. All new lighting, art and furniture became the basis for the collection of books and collectibles that were critical and sentimental to the family. A room previously styled with antiques and room for only three people, can now accommodate at least six and is boasting with style.

Dining Room
Heavy antiques, an over filled room, and very traditional furnishings led this couple on a mission to create a fresh, colorful and transitional environment. Chartreuse high gloss lacquered walls and ceiling, custom mill work, a new high gloss dining table, white Murano glass chandelier, sleek black dining chairs with chartreuse crocodile silk, all sit on top of re-finished old floors in a striking black walnut. A large and dramatic mirror was used to create reflection of the contrasting original art created by a local artist. To finish the look, a chartreuse and white chinoiserie toile re-introduces an antique vibe.

From beginning to the end of our project, we were very pleased with Nathan Taylor. In the beginning he took the time to get to know us, learn how we lived in the house, and what we had that we could not live without. From there, he came up with concepts and ideas that were right for us. He has thoroughly updated our home that we have lived in for 25 years and made it such a pleasure to come home to. He was innovative and thoughtful in his approach and available whenever we wanted to get together. We highly recommend his services!

Homeowners Rountree