Portfolio Description


Designer: Nathan Taylor


Living Room
Competing focal points was the design challenge for this living room.  The large fireplace was at one end of the room and a golf course view at the other.   Back to back sofas create two seating areas so that both features could be enjoyed.  The fireplace was enhanced with a surround of 100+ yr. old wood.  A backdrop of soothing green tones on the walls enables the original art to pop.  A color palette of antique celadon and burnt umber resides beautifully with the deep rich tones of the wood furnishings.    The heirloom quality tea table is a John Widdicomb piece that was purchased from a private collection.  The over-scaled library cabinet and buffet was used to create intimacy and display a myriad of family’s collectibles.

Children’s Suite
An ordinary guest bedroom was transformed into a forest filled with larger than life insects, bugs and birds. The idea was taken from family outings into the forest with the grandchildren to search for all types of critters. The room provides a safe, fun place to escape the cares of their little world.
An antique table and picture of a great grandmother dictated the color scheme for the room. A relief style texture in calming greens was used to create a forest surrounding the room. Insect and bird themed pillows are large and plump for soft landings for energetic children. A gathering of red bird cage lights provide accent lighting over the tent/table where kids can play, hide or rest on the oversized pillow underneath. A large tufted ottoman in a geometric pattern provides fun seating. The day beds with high backed neutral headboards create stability so that the bright patterns of the roman shades, pillow and ottoman can take center stage.

I just never thought about having someone else decorating my home. I wanted someone to feel about my home like I did. I didn’t think that was possible.
Nathan had decorated an Open House. My husband, Norm, and I were intreged. Talked to Nathan then and he said he would take a look.
Yes, we were very surprised! It still looked like our home, only more organized and tasteful. We had so many things that have been passed down to us from family. I had no idea what to do with them. Nathan just said go away for the day and come back and see what we’ve done. We came home and where in awe. So fantastic! I saw my family all over and sometimes I didn’t pick up on things that were done for a few days!
You got into my head. The bedroom for my granddaughters was the best! Pictures, design on the wall, fabric. Again,you got into my head.
I already have recommended you to friends. They see my home and how comfortable it is. That is because Nathan cherished my home too. Nathan has become my friend.


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