Chromatic Pop: The Art of Jessie Schwartz

Jessie Schwartz is bringing his colorful portraits of icons back to our gallery this November!

This show will run though the end of November 

“My “Chromatic Pop” series has evolved since I first started it. I find I have gotten closer in perspective to my subjects. I want the viewer to come in closer as well. There is an intimacy to my work which is different to each viewer. The paintings would not have the same impact if they were smaller. The iconic people I paint, lived a bigger than life existence and therefore, needs to be seen as bigger than life in my art. I use colors for my portraits which are nontraditional, but the brain forgives it and accepts it. The colors also draw the viewer in. It’s the memories of each Icon (whether a song, movie, or time in history) which triggers that special feeling for each of us: and that’s why I think so many enjoy my work.

You cannot come to one of my shows and not share a story from your past.”

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