Modern Iconography: The Art of Mary Hamilton

Opening Night is October 6, 2017 from 6–10pm at Obelisk Home

Show runs through end of October

Modern Iconography is an eclectic series of paintings that illustrates my selection of familiar or iconic images and classical themes. The universally understood subjects are combined with organic surroundings or collaged with found objects that suggest a cycle of change or transformation.

The variety of elements in my paintings tries to show the network between what our culture once treasured and what now seems obsolete. It also attempts to show how those iconic images influence our stream of consciousness and our shifting interpretation of the modern standard of worth.

—Mary Hamilton


Clouds Full of Nostalgia: The Art of Jared Gillett

Opening Night is November 3, 2017 from 6–10pm at Obelisk Home

Show runs through end of November

Some of us look back with a sense of longing for simpler times of nostalgia and excitement… Others look forward with awe and wonderment of a future of technology and anticipation with our heads in the clouds. Who we were, who we are and, where we will go. This body of work attempts to capture those moments as travel through our lives.

—Jared Gillett


Barriers and Brushes: The Art of Dustin Burgert

Opening Night is December 1, 2017 from 6–10pm at Obelisk Home

Show runs through end of December

My goal for Barriers and Brushes is to show the light and dark side of each piece. Separated by a barrier each half has its own character and flow but at the same time a likeness to each other that brings it all together.

—Dustin Burgert