Reflections and Other Water Offerings: The Art of Lil Olive

Opening Night is June 2, 2017 from 6–10pm at Obelisk Home

Live music performance by Molly Healey

Show runs through end of June

“Nothing influences me more than the beauty and mystery of the natural world. I am fortunate to live in the country, surrounded by a spring fed lake and two ponds. These waters have abundantly provided me with inspiration both visually and metaphorically.

The ever–changing reflection of the sky, an ephemeral slant of light, an unexpected color, the movements and ripples from the wind. What is on the surface, and just like our subconscious, what lies underneath?

I am also drawn to the disorientation of the landscape as it is mirrored in the water, like an entrance to a dreamy parallel world. This body of work is an homage to the sublime. The awe and wonderment of that moment in nature that provides a peaceful and sacramental calm. That moment when we feel included in that wonderment. If I could evoke even just a spark of that in my paintings, it would bring me great joy.”

—Lil Olive

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Hold On: The Art of Rosie Winstead

Opening Night is July 7, 2017 from 6–10pm at Obelisk Home

Show runs through end of July

“Painting for me is the result of an internal dialogue I have with myself. I don’t see it as a verb, a hobby, or me trying to be an artist. I see it more as a place I like to go. A place where my heart and eyes can have a conversation without saying a word.

 Gathering from the intermittent observations that I tend to find in the shadows of the bigger picture, the pressures we put on ourselves, others, and as mothers, while holding onto what is dear as we feel the way through the dark are several elements that make up the backbone of this body of work.”

—Rosie Winstead

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Wax & Wane: The Art of Kat Allie

Opening Night is August 4, 2017 from 6–10pm at Obelisk Home

Show runs through end of August

“I want people to view my artwork as very sensory and engaging. Working with hot beeswax, damar resin and oil pigment allows me immediate access to the natural or organic state of creating. The encaustic medium transforms from a liquid to a solid within seconds. Acting and reacting becomes intuitive and transcendental. I’m inherently drawn to nature for my subject. Nature transforms and abstracts as I sense and experience it through the human condition. My ultimate hope is for the viewer to connect, if even for a split second, with the splendid colors and textures that compose life.”

—Kat Allie


Perspectives: The Art of Christie Snelson

Opening Night is September 1, 2017 from 6–10pm at Obelisk Home

Show runs through end of September

“My focus has been on the cosmos not only because the imagery is a new, stunning, and an enjoyable challenge but also because of the reflections it evokes. For this series, I used images from the Hubble telescope; the more I see and study, the more in awe I am of the vastness and mystery of the Universe. It is difficult to grasp all that is out there especially when there is so much strife amongst ourselves on this tiny rock. I know everyone sees the world through a different lens, but aren’t we all really the same?”

—Christie Snelson