In•ter•mis•sion: The Art of Rosie Winstead

Opening Night is July 6, 2018 from 6–10pm at Obelisk Home

Show runs through end of July

“The painting process is constantly changing for me. There are a lot of intermissions that happen when you work from home. It is almost impossible to come back to the same person I was before the break. But then again, maybe I need a break from that person I was before. Maybe these interruptions/intermissions are what is fueling the work? Maybe the intermission has something more to offer than the show itself.”

Rosie Winstead

Time Capsule: The Art of Jane Parker

Show runs through end of June

Jane Parker’s third solo show at Obelisk Home, titled “Time Capsule”, after one of the paintings in the show, encompasses new work from 2017-18. These evocative new paintings and drawings offer an atmospheric presence  within a pictorial space structured by line and color. 

“I paint what I would like to see, with no specific idea of what that might be. I fully expect to be seduced by the unexpected.” —Jane Parker