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Bedroom Details We Love

The bedroom is arguably the most important room in the house - it's where you relax and recharge every day. It's also often the most neglected because no one ever sees it. A bedroom needs to beautiful and functional in order to live your most healthy lifestyle, here are our 4 favorite bedroom details that will take your resting spot to a new level of luxe and make your life easier... Luxury Bedding We don't have to tell you that the bed [...]

5 Things Every High End Kitchen Needs

Kitchens have come a long way since we began cooking indoors. Historically, kitchens weren’t luxurious and unlike today’s kitchen, they were not rooms where people wanted to spend time in. They definitely weren’t rooms meant for hosting guests or entertaining. With inventions like the stove and plumbing, kitchens became cleaner and safer. Today the kitchen is part of our everyday lives and the center of most of our entertaining. Kicking your kitchen up in style and luxury has never been [...]

How to Decorate Like a Parisian

We can all agree that the Parisians have impeccable taste when it comes to interior design. But what gives Parisian interiors that certain je ne sais quoi? We've put together a simple guide to creating a gorgeous space just like a Parisian would do. Highlight Architectural Details The most fabulous of Parisian apartments have one thing in common - beautiful architectural details. We admit that most of us don't live in a space with original moldings and restored hardwood floors, but every [...]

20 Well-Designed Hallways

Hallways are often the most neglected part of the home (putting aside that one "guest room" that's really just an extra closet at this point). It seems that halls are overlooked and just used as a path, where shoes are dumped and no thought is put into how they look. With the right direction, hallways can actually become a beautiful part of the home and can even be a place to take design risks to make a statement. Choosing the perfect [...]

Color Swag

It seems having a healthy amount of “color swag” is a prerequisite at Obelisk Home. It’s fair to say, we use of the whole big box of crayons everyday. Color is our favorite design tool, but we know not everyone exudes such color confidence. This color-filled July we’re revealing our color crushes and sharing a few “color clues” with you--that you might boldly embrace color like never before. COLOR CLUES: • Examine your wardrobe for signs of colors you are consistently drawn [...]

A Conversation With and About Color        

Color can speak louder than words. Color is a designer’s most powerful tool, used to harness emotion, create atmosphere, express style and influence mood.  Color is not only intuitive but is our most accessible, affordable and effective means to create the perfect personal environment. Color is very often the thing we recall most about a beautiful home, making a lasting impression on our psyches.  Color is never an all-for-one decision as it affects each of us differently, based on factors [...]

Bring Your Dog to Work

Why should your business have a pet-friendly policy? The reason that it’s awesome and that it will feed your soul in that special way only fluffy dog kisses can, while true, may not convince your boss. At Obelisk Home we’re very fortunate to have Bring Your Dog to Work Day every day (more…)

Genius Ways to Declutter & Organize

We've all considered the benefits of getting organized and getting rid of stuff: less to clean, more space, less stress, the list goes on. Simplifying our lives at home sounds great, but once the decision is made to get cracking, we get tripped on the next part...where to begin? Getting organized and decluttering sounds like the very worst way to spend your free time, agreed. But this journey doesn't need to be nearly as overwhelming as we all tend to [...]

A Good Kind Of Pride

The LGBT community celebrates “Pride Month” every June, to commemorate the beginning of the 48 year-old Gay Rights Movement. Obelisk Home invites all people--tall, short, young, old, gay and straight-- to participate in this this life-affirming homage to humankind. This June learn more about a social movement that continues to fight discrimination at home and abroad. As we pay honor to those taken too often and too soon from (more…)

When Designers Were Brave

At a time when posting every detail of life, over-sharing and inundating our peers with hash tags, blog posts, e-blasts and TMI-- how could anyone’s personal decorating DNA ever be considered cutting edge, contentious or controversial? It takes a lot to raise an eyebrow these days, especially when (more…)