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Behind the Brand: JKM Home by J. Kent Martin

We feature a lot of great furniture designers on our site, but we're most excited about our very own J. Kent Martin and the new furniture line he's debuting at High Point Market this spring. To say that this is long overdue would be an understatement. It's true that J. has been designing product for major retailers and boutiques for decades, but never his own line - until now, and it's about damn time. This first introduction consists of accent [...]


I bet you were wild once, maybe more than once?  Or is being wild a permanent disposition for you? At Obelisk Home we feel a little “wild streak” is a good thing—so much in fact, we’re celebrating all things untamed this month. Turned out, it’s pretty easy to do.  (more…)

Company Culture – Dog Blog

If you’ve been to our local store or stopped by our offices, then you can certainly recall being greeted by at least a couple of precious doggie faces and wagging tails. That’s because a huge part of our day to day life here at Obelisk Home and the Taylor Martin family involves our beloved pups by our sides. Our reasoning (more…)

Herbivores in the House

Vegetarianism isn't a new thing, in fact, some science clearly points out that early humans were completely herbivores. Recently though, people have been switching to vegetarian diets now more than ever. If you know J. Kent Martin and Nathan Taylor, then it would not surprise you to hear that they made the switch (more…)

Employee Style: Colby Reinvents the Bar Cart

Hi everyone, Colby here. A huge part of my job here at Obelisk Home involves the merchandising and styling of product in our store and at client's homes. I love creating layered and interesting vignettes, so it's no surprise that I carry that love home with me. Let's talk specifically about the bar cart craze. I love a well styled bar cart more than anyone, trust me. After seeing perfect bar carts in magazines everywhere, I got a serious case [...]

Faux Real

What is Our New Normal? We live in a world full of untamed change. But there are some things in life we insist remain they same, original and genuine.  Meaning no disrespect to the hardworking, cost saving, sometimes more efficient (more…)

Behind the Brand: Unleashed Life

As pet owners, pet parents, foster pet people and all around animal advocates we feel that all that the unconditional love we receive from our pets should not go unrewarded. That's why our founders created Unleashed Life, a company dedicated to pampering you and your pet with products that will enhance both of your lives and the spaces you (more…)

Jane Troup

“Go out there and find the place, the things, the scene, the animals and plants, the sky that puts you in a state of awe. Observe, study, understand the situation as much as possible, then go into the studio and rebuild to create an (more…)

Vegan Design Tips

The Empathetic Interior - We have all seen sexy zebra skin rugs and luxurious fur throws displayed in homes and interior design magazines. Many of us have even paid high price tags for these iconic (more…)

Floral Prints – Why We Love Them

Sometimes the word "floral" can cause anxiety when it comes to interior design. Over the years, floral prints have gotten a bad rap for being old fashioned or off trend. Perhaps people recall their grandmother's bedrooms or associate chintzy floral prints with country cottages. We will admit that some floral prints might be verging onto the tacky side of things, but choosing the right balance will keep it from spreading through your home like weeds. What's the secret? Scale and balance. [...]