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Genius Ways to Declutter & Organize

We've all considered the benefits of getting organized and getting rid of stuff: less to clean, more space, less stress, the list goes on. Simplifying our lives at home sounds great, but once the decision is made to get cracking, we get tripped on the next part...where to begin? Getting organized and decluttering sounds like the very worst way to spend your free time, agreed. But this journey doesn't need to be nearly as overwhelming as we all tend to [...]

A Good Kind Of Pride

The LGBT community celebrates “Pride Month” every June, to commemorate the beginning of the 48 year-old Gay Rights Movement. Obelisk Home invites all people--tall, short, young, old, gay and straight-- to participate in this this life-affirming homage to humankind. This June learn more about a social movement that continues to fight discrimination at home and abroad. As we pay honor to those taken too often and too soon from (more…)

When Designers Were Brave

At a time when posting every detail of life, over-sharing and inundating our peers with hash tags, blog posts, e-blasts and TMI-- how could anyone’s personal decorating DNA ever be considered cutting edge, contentious or controversial? It takes a lot to raise an eyebrow these days, especially when (more…)

Wall To Wall Style

Are you one of those people that shriek with horror when someone mentions wallpaper? We get it. Wallpaper brings to mind horrible memories of the stuffy interiors of your childhood. Let’s face it, we got more than a little tacky in the past. But over the past few years, wallpaper has been making a huge comeback, and we’re loving it. Wallpaper has been around for over 500 years, (more…)

Black & Beautiful

Brave. Bold. Beautiful. These interiors showcase the dark, but never gloomy power of the color black. The thought of incorporating black into a space scares away most people, but for those brave enough to try, falling in love is pretty easy. We think that black has gotten a bad rap because they associate it with (more…)


What do you consider a “Brave Decorating Decision” these days? A dark color in a small space?  Crazy prints, mixed not matched? Using the designated dining room as an office or playroom?At a time when pretty much all forms of self-expression are (more…)

Gone, But Never Forgotten

Have you taken the time to look around and notice the things that are disappearing from homes? We're talking about things that a lot us grew up with, like alarm clocks and telephones. It's crazy how time changes things without us even noticing. Today is dedicated to remembering those things, and how stylish they actually were. Take a walk down memory lane with us...

Good Design from Birth

At Obelisk Home, we love kids and enjoy having them part of our design world--learning from their innate wisdom and watching them grow.  Seeing the world through a child’s eyeis one of the greatest joy’s in life (more…)

Origins of Interior Design

This month we are exploring the subject of “Origins”--more specifically, our design origins, where we’ve come from and perhaps even where we may go. One place we especially love to revisit is Egypt, often said to be the birthplace of Interior Design.  Admittedly, at Obelisk Home we have a special place in our hearts for all things dramatic, epic, monumental, symbolic; you know, plinths, pyramids, obelisks. Let’s be honest, the Egyptians do have staying power. Many of their contributions are concepts [...]