Author - Colby Morrell

Why We Love Artist Hunt Slonem

In honor of a very exciting event here in Springfield with Hunt Slonem, we thought it would only be appropriate to share a little bit about the artist we love so much. Since the late 1970's, Slonem has made his impact on the world's art scene with his exotic paintings. His art story truly began in New York City after meeting other artists like Andy Warholm Liza Minnelli, and Sylvia Miles. Novelist Tama Janowitz put it succinctly, saying, "His [...]

Our Guide to Scandinavian Interiors

Scandinavian style interior design has taken over the world with its simple and distinct look. It's so popular that you would be hard pressed to pick up a design magazine without seeing it. The style is a throwback to the 1950's mantra that put focus on simplicity and functionality. However, the design style also pays a lot of attention on minimalism, but doesn't feel cold or uninviting. The goal is the exact opposite - putting emphasis on warmth and [...]

Our Favorite Design Mags

We love keeping up with design trends, being inspired by new ideas, and reading up on other people's style. Interior design magazines offer all of these things more - providing looks into amazing projects and giving insight into the process. Here are our favorite design magazines, is yours on the list? Traditional Home- We love this magazine because of the gorgeous traditional / transitional spaces they profile. They also have a great team of writers who make the magazine informative and [...]

Product Feature: Ambrose Accent Table by JKM Home

Few people know luxury furniture better than J. Kent Martin. The launch of his new product line last year at High Point Market has landed his tables in some pretty great company in magazines like Traditional Home. The Obelisk Home team also loves using them in designs for clients - and the clients love them too. Read More About JKM Home Here We're featuring one of our favorite tables from the line; Ambrose, today. Ambrose is a mid-century modern take on the [...]

The Ultimate “How To” Blog Round-Up

Creating a lovely home that reflects the individuals living there and that functions to meet their needs is always the goal in interior design. If you're lost and not quite sure how to get something just right, you're in the right place. Below is our blog round-up on how to create the ultimate sophisticated look in your own space. Decorating Tips Parisians Swear By Hallway Design Inspiration Our Tips on How to Declutter and Organize How to Find Your Design DNA The ABC's of [...]

Top Three Design Mistakes We See

Unless you're an interior designer who arranges furniture on a daily basis, you may not even know about these three interior design mistakes that our team sees the most. Are you one of these offenders? Placing the Sofa Against a Wall This is by far the most common mistake we see people do. People usually push the sofa right up against a wall to create more room, but this actually makes a space look visually smaller. Sofas need breathing room and [...]

Never Fail Color Combos

We write a lot about color here on the blog, but this topic is where most of our client's get stuck before contacting us. Color can be scary, especially when it goes beyond painting a wall. To help those of you who are stuck, here are a few of our favorite color schemes that you will not only love, but they will also stand the test of time. Charcoal + White + Gray Gray has many faces and multiple personalities. When [...]

Bedroom Details We Love

The bedroom is arguably the most important room in the house - it's where you relax and recharge every day. It's also often the most neglected because no one ever sees it. A bedroom needs to beautiful and functional in order to live your most healthy lifestyle, here are our 4 favorite bedroom details that will take your resting spot to a new level of luxe and make your life easier... Luxury Bedding We don't have to tell you that the bed [...]

5 Things Every High End Kitchen Needs

Kitchens have come a long way since we began cooking indoors. Historically, kitchens weren’t luxurious and unlike today’s kitchen, they were not rooms where people wanted to spend time in. They definitely weren’t rooms meant for hosting guests or entertaining. With inventions like the stove and plumbing, kitchens became cleaner and safer. Today the kitchen is part of our everyday lives and the center of most of our entertaining. Kicking your kitchen up in style and luxury has never been [...]

How to Decorate Like a Parisian

We can all agree that the Parisians have impeccable taste when it comes to interior design. But what gives Parisian interiors that certain je ne sais quoi? We've put together a simple guide to creating a gorgeous space just like a Parisian would do. Highlight Architectural Details The most fabulous of Parisian apartments have one thing in common - beautiful architectural details. We admit that most of us don't live in a space with original moldings and restored hardwood floors, but every [...]