Rule Breaker: The Art of Marty Goodnight

Reception: February 3, 2017 from 6-10pm at Obelisk Home. Work remains with Obelisk Home for the month of February.

In nearly all aspects of my life, I follow the rulesas a professional, as a husband, as a dad and as Springfieldian. I have goals/personal expectations and upsetting the apple cart isn’t a want or a need that I possess. Like most people, I enjoy my basic needs of safety, security and order being met. But like some others, I also have an intense need for chaos, spontaneity, and taking risks. Ironically, I have to break rules or I just won’t function correctly. A few years ago, I made a Breakthrough with Art. Now, creating art has become the platform where I can break rules, most of which are my own boundaries. These works is are a visual progression of my breaking my own rules and, as they relate to my art, pushing my artistic comfort zones. My work and my approach continue to evolve and mature. With each piece, a new understanding is forged and it is a new place for me. Thank you for the opportunity to share my art and witnessing this continual transformation.

—Marty Goodnight

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