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Designer Accent Tables

Preview the New JKM Home Collection

In the midst of High Point Market, we're so excited about the new introductions to the JKM Home line!... read more

Ways To Display Art

Forget about grabbing the hammer and nails, art doesn't always have to be hung. We admit that there's nothing... read more

We’re Packing for High Point Market

We can hardly believe it's time to head back to High Point. Where does the time go? It may... read more

99x Gilded Coast Glamour at the Springfield Art Museum

We are excited to be part of the Museum's signature fundraising event blending spirits, music, fashion, food, and frivolity... read more

We’re Receiving an Impact Award!

We are honored to be traveling to Washington D.C. to accept the Impact Award for setting new standards in business... read more

Why We Love Artist Hunt Slonem

In honor of a very exciting event here in Springfield with Hunt Slonem, we thought it would only be... read more

Our Guide to Scandinavian Interiors

Scandinavian style interior design has taken over the world with its simple and distinct look. It's so popular that... read more

Our Favorite Design Mags

We love keeping up with design trends, being inspired by new ideas, and reading up on other people's style.... read more

Designer Accent Tables

Designer Accent Tables
Designer Accent Tables
Designer Accent Tables